Szkola Podstawowa nr.1 Primary School Lobez, Poland


Coordinator: Justyna Ostrowska

School: Primary School Lobez, Poland, Szkola Podstawowa nr.1

Primary School Szkola Podstawowa nr 1 Lobez is one of the oldest school in Lobez with a lot of traditions. It was established 01.09.1945. with number of 2 teachers and 84 pupils but nowadays is an institution which numbers 35 teachers and 349 pupils aged 7-12. All pupils have equal opportunities even disabled ones, so they can integrate equally during the lessons and extra classes.

 A variety of extra classes led by experienced teachers is provided, students celebrate festivals, take part in sports, musical and vocal events, as well as in language competitions and they go to trips around the most important places in Poland. The aim of the school is pupils' integration, overcoming barriers -  how to understand and be responsive to social, ethnic, linguistic and cultural diversity,  to teach broad mindedness, increase competence in foreign languages and level of digital competence, increase motivation and satisfaction in daily work.The teachers and students want to cooperate with our European neighbours from Serbia. Our pupils and teachers possess knowledge and experience in using the internet and they speak English. They will work together and offer international learning experiences by using e–Twinning platform. The teachers also develop  understanding of the diversity of European cultures and languages. They acquire social, civic and intercultural competences necessary for  personal development and the ability to cope with new challenges. These partnerships will also promote the values of inclusion and tolerance.