Erasmus+ is the European Union’s programme

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Dare to shareCulture, tradition & more project

Dare to share: culture, tradition & more project is based on cultural heritage whose values are important for all European nations. That is why we need to find ways how to preserve it and to keep it for the future generations. Our students will learn a lot from their peers about their culture and customs and they will compare our culture with theirs through many activities planned. We would include younger and older students and they will use online platforms, internet tools and applications to collaborate first on eTwinning platform and since personal interaction is crucial the students will have the chance to meet their peers and to take an active part in many activities at schools abroad . They will work together in groups and learn more about cultural heritage of Serbia, Poland, Turkey and Spain. Their experience and active learning would help them understand similarities and differences among the cultures involved and foster their understanding of tolerance.

Aim and objectives

With this project we want to:

- strengthen students' interests for the cultural heritage of their partners through research, cooperation with peers, experimentation, exploration and and sharing the results of their work. This objective is related to the main topic through motivating students to learn about other cultures and accept their differences, which will contribute to the cultural and sociological development of their personalities and lifelong learning.

- contribute to the production of digital material, presentations, e-books, brochures, catalogs and video materials.




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Day 5, 29.11.2019.

Day 5, 29.11.2019.

Our guests had a chance to rest for a …

Day 4, 28.11.2019.

Day 4, 28.11.2019.

A workshop dedicated to the pottery wa…

Day 3, 27.11.2019.

Day 3, 27.11.2019.

On the third day, the guests came to s…

Day 2, 26.11.2019.

Day 2, 26.11.2019.

Students and teachers from all three c…

Day 1, 25.11.2019.

Day 1, 25.11.2019.

Our partners from Turkey, Poland and S…

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LTT activities2019-2022

LTT1 - IN SERBIA, 25-30.11.2019

Day 1, 25.11.2019.
School Day - Lucani
Day 2, 26.11.2019.
Schools in Lucani and Guca
Day 3, 27.11.2019.
Zlakusa, Drvengrad
Day 4, 28.11.2019.
Sretenje Monastery, School Markovica, Cacak
Day 5, 29.11.2019.
School Lucani

LTT2- IN SPAIN, 7-11.3.2022.

Day 1, 7.3.2022.
Guadalajara, tasting Churros
Day 2, 8.3.2022.
The Mayor, Toledo
Day 3, 9.3.2022.
Day 4, 10.3.2022.
Master Chef, Park Europa
Day 5, 11.3.2022.
Tasting Paella, Certificates


Day 1, 21.4.2022.
- Marbling art and smart board workshops
Day 2, 22.4.2022.
- A visit to villages Kemalpasa and Nazarkoy
Day 3, 23.4.2022.
- Izmir sightseeing
Day 4, 24.4.2022.
- Ephesus and Virgin’s Mary House
Day 5, 25.4.2022.
- Certificates ceremony


Day 1, 19.6.2022.
- A picnic at the lake
Day 2, 20.6.2022.
- Visiting school, pottery workshop
Day 3, 21.6.2022.
- Talent contest, Quiz, culinary workshop
Day 4, 22.6.2022.
- Szczecin
Day 5, 23.6.2022.
- Certificates, Kolobrzeg


Justyna Ostrowska - Poland

Justyna Ostrowska - Poland

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Ilknur Dutar Ugurlubas - Turkey

Ilknur Dutar Ugurlubas - Turkey

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Soledad Moreno - Spain

Soledad Moreno - Spain

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Dejan Zekavicic - Serbia

Dejan Zekavicic - Serbia

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Szkola Podstawowa nr.1 Primary School Lobez, PolandKarsiyaka Turkbirligi Ilkokulu Primary school İzmir, TurkeyMilan Blagojevic Primary school Lucani, SerbiaColegio Publico Ocejón Primary school Guadalajara, SpainErasmus +