Zoom workshop

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On September 30, 2020, an online workshop was held with the students and teachers from Serbia, Turkey, Poland and Spain.

Online DTS meeting, 24.9.2020.

Dejan Zekavicic by

On 24.9. 2020. the DTS project team, D. Zekavičić, S. Moreno, J. Ostrowska and I.D. Ugurlubas had an online meeting  to agree on the next activities on the project. The coordinator proposed the agenda:

Online coordinators' meeting

Dejan Zekavicic by

On 5.6.2020. there was an online meeting  on the next steps of our joint project. The meeting started at noon, and was attended by all project coordinators from Serbia (D. Zekavičić), Spain (S. Moreno), Turkey (I. D. Ugurlubas) and Poland (J. Ostrowska). It was held via  Zoom app.