Day 1, 7.3.2022.

We have started our week with our partners from Serbia, Turkey and Poland who belong the Erasmus+ project Dare to Share.
Today we have shown them our marvelous city" Guadalajara" with an English guide. Later we have invited them to have a "chocolate with Churros". After that we went to the park where students shared games from the different countries and together enjoyed the urban dance. 
Finally we had  a picnic lunch  all together in the park.
Here are Polish students' impressions.
First day our mobility. We met with our friends from Spain, Turkey and Serbia. It was nice to see them all again after few months break because of Covid. After the short meeting we started to visit the most popular and the most interesting places and monuments in Guadalajara. The guide told us the story of the town and then we saw the local church, museum, temple, park etc. It took us 2 hours! It was amazing! Then we had a break time. It was a moment to taste churros with hot chocolate in local restaurant near the park. After the short break we went to Ocejon school - our partner school in the project. All teachers greeted us very cheerfully. It was great time for our games . We went outside to play our childchood games such as eg. Hide and seek or Iceman. Soledad organized lunch after the busy day at school. The weather was nice so we decided stay and eat outside. It was really heavy day so we decided to come back to the hotel and rest.
Here are Serbian students' impressions.

The first day of mobility was full of activities. First,we had a guided tour during which we visited historically important places in Guadalajara. We visited the Guadalajara Museum, which used to be the family home of the famous Mendoza family. Then we went to the Palacio de la Cotilla or the Palace of Gossip, which belonged to the Marquis of Villamejora, whеre we saw the famous Chinese Room.  Nowdays, the villa is used as a municipal art school. We also visited the Chapel of Luis de Lucen, the Alamin Tower, which is the tower of the old wall of the city of Guadalajara, the Church of the Franciscan Order, in which we could see the crypt of the Mendoza family.

After the cultural monuments, it was time to try the famous spanish sweets – churros with chocolate. It was very delicious! Feeling refreshed, we headed to the host school "Ocejon", and the park nearby. In the park, a group of students had the task to present a traditional game from their country. The students enjoyed every game. A dance class with a dance instructor followed after the games. It was a great fun!

Our hosts prepared another surprise for us, a delicious lunch in the park. Along with wonderful Spanish specialties, both salty and sweet, we shared our impressions of the day's and future activities. That was not the end of our day’s experiences. For dinner, we decided to try the Spanish paella with seafood. Some people liked it very much, while others didn't.

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