Day 2, 8.3.2022.

On Tuesday we did many things. Fist they were received by Jesus Orea the head of Educational Section of Diputación in Guadalajara.

In the school we showed them typical Spanish songs and our pupil Carla played for them two beautiful songs. After the break children participated in a workshop where they learnt to make soap. Teachers were following a training course about CLIL methodology.
In the afternoon they visited Toledo.

Here are Polish students' impressions.

In morning, we gathered at the exit of the hotel, and we went to a meeting with the Mayor of Guadalajara. He gave us small gifts. Afterward, we went to school, where we got some snacks. We were allowed to look over the building. Later, students of this school taught us their traditional dance, which was a bit difficult at first. We danced better and better with time. After dancing, we learned how to make soap. We ate paella (a traditional Spanish dish) for lunch at the school canteen. Then, we went to beautiful place called Toledo. We visited tourist attractions and took a lot of photos. Then we relaxed. We could also buy souvenirs during our free time.

Here are Serbian students' impressions.

The second day of the mobility project started with the gathering of the project participants in the hotel lobby at around nine o'clock. Soledad Moreno, the principal of the spanish school „Oceon“ , took us for a walk around the city to the city municipality, where we were received by the deputy mayor in the ceremonial hall. He gave us a speech about how the citizens of Guadalajara try to preserve their tradition and folklore. At the end of this formal visit all project participants received interesting presents.

After this formal visit, we headed to the school where we were welcomed by delicious food made by school employees. Our students walked through the school, visited different classroom and spent some time with new spanish friends. Then, we went outside to the school yard together with all other students and where we held a minute of silence on the occasion of the war in Ukraine. With the sounds of the Beatles song, we sent a message of peace to the world.

The working part of the day was a creative workshop in which the students from all three countries and the spanish students had the opportunity to learn how to make a homemade soap, while teachers had a lecture on the use of CLIL methodology (learning English through various contents) which is applied in this school.

A trip to Toledo was organized in the second part of the day. After an hour of driving we came to the beautiful city of Toledo located on the Tahoe River. The old part of the city is located on a granite rock, and it is full of historical and cultural heritage. We admired the beautiful narrow streets, old buildings and the cathedral. After three hours of walking, and a quick dinner, we returned to the hotel around 8pm, tired but full of impressions.

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