Day 4, 10.3.2022.

On Thursday we have had a day full of activities.

When our partners reached the school, we welcomed them with a show of traditional Spanish and European songs. After that they did a workshop of "Master Chef", later they enjoyed eating what they were cooking.
After the break, they learnt to dance a typical dance from our province called " Paloteo".
When they finished the dance they did a digital activity about Genially methodology where they learnt many things about Spain using this application.
And after that they traveled to Park Europe where they enjoyed a lot.

Here are Polish students' impressions.

We started the day with breakfast and a meeting at the hotel at 9 o'clock.Then we went to school, where we were surprised by a spectacle about peace in the world and care for the environment. It was prepared by the pupils from Spain. Our snack break was different than usual, because we prepared it ourselves. We fried pancakes, made traditional tuna tortilla and fruit smoothies. After a short conversation with the pupils, we went to the gym, where we learned paloteo dance. After the dance, we drove to Park Europa. It was an amazing place. You could see all the greatest monuments from Europe. During the short break we rest and ate sandwiches. We spent three hours to watch monuments of Europe such as the Roman Colosseum, Puerta del Sol in Madrid, Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, Eiffel tower in Paris and many more. The weather was good, which contributed to taking many great photos. The atmosphere in this place was wonderful. In the evening we returned to Guadalajara and we ate delicious burgers at the local restaurant.

Here are Serbian students' impressions.

After an unforgettable trip to Madrid, it was time to visit the "Oceon" school again.  A group of students and  their music teachers prepared a musical performance inspired by the lyrics of the song "We are the world" -  showing desire to maintain peace in the world and be aware of the importance of taking care of the environment. After that beautiful musical performance, the younger students followed with their interesting song in which they sang greetings in different world languages.

An interesting activity called "Mini Master Chef" followed after the music reception, in which project participants could learn how to make fruit shakes, healthy pancakes or how to fill and fold traditional Spanish tuna tortillas. We could try and eat everything that was made on three different food counters. 

The participants of the project also had a digital workshop that day where the teacher from the school presented an interesting application for learning different contents and how it can be applied in the lesson. During the workshop, we had an oppurtunity to check how much we had learned about Spain, its basic features, famous cultural monuments, and Spanish specialties. Then went to the gym where we were taught moves of the traditional Spanish dance with sticks called Paloteo dance.

Our hosts also organised a trip to the Park of Europe later that day. We drove there in the bus, and after an hour we arrived at our destination. The Park of Europe is a large and beautiful park, dedicated to the member states of the European Union. The central place in the park presents the semicircular part with the flags of the members of the European Union. Every part of the park is dedicated to some country, so walking through it we could see replicas of the Eiffel Tower, Brandenburg Gate, Trevi Fountain from Italy, Statue of Michelangelo ’s David, Tower Bridge from London, windmills from the Netherlands, Greek Odeon, Puerta de Sol from Madrid and many other sights. We took a lot of photos in the park and ate sandwiches which were prepared for us at school. 

We returned to the hotel around eight o'clock in the evening. After a short break we decided to take a walk along the main street in Guadalajara, and have some dinner.

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