Day 5, 11.3.2022.

On Friday teachers and students learned how to cook paella.

They enjoyed eating it. and after lunch we had a ceremony of certificates.

Here are Polish students' impressions.

On the last day, in Spain,  we met up at the hotel and were driven to a restaurant and waited patiently while eating a couple of snacks and chatting with our friends. A couple of minutes later, we were able to go in the kitchen and watch the chef prepare a classic paella on a huge frying pan. It smelled amazing. Just before eating we set the table and were given the freshly cooked dish - it was very filling. After that some people were given desert while our host ( Soledad) gave out certificate's and thanked us while giving a heart warming speech. We said goodbye to our friends from Turkey, Serbia and Spain. It was an amazing Last day. I hope we will all be able to see each other soon.

Here are Serbian students' impressions.

The certificate award ceremony was planned for the last day of the mobility. We started with the activities that day a little later around 11 o'clock because it was necessary to make some preparations for the trip that awaited us the next day. This time we did not gather at the school, but in a restaurant where we could watch and learn how to make a traditional Spanish paella with seafood. The students photographed a large frying pan with paella ingredients.  We had lunch together. We enjoyed the food, the talk and the company of Spanish teachers. The lunch was followed by the ceremony of receiving certificates and taking photographs of project participants. With the desire to see each other in a future project, we said goodbye and everyone had chance to spent the rest of the day according to their wishes. Me and my students went to the shopping mall to buy some presents for the dearest ones who were awaiting for us at home.

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