Day 1, 25.11.2019.

Our partners from Turkey, Poland and Spain came to Lucani on 24.112019. There were 4 students from each country, two teachers from Turkey, two teachers from Spain and one teacher from Poland.They were met by our students, principal and one lower grade teacher.

All the guests were greeted at the main entrance, with bread and salt, and the girls who welcomed them were in national costumes. After that, they went to a multimedia classroom where they  tasted  plum sweet (slatko)- a traditional welcome in Serbia. They are addressed by a principal who wished them a pleasant stay and successful cooperation. D. Zekavicic informed them about the protocol, that they would all present their states and schools and distribute gifts to the children they had prepared. Teachers from Turkey and Spain had, beside their  standard PowerPoint presentation, an excellent video presentation of their places. Each student, as well as the teacher, got something, Turkish delights, honey and castanets from Spain, amulets against spells,  pencils and the like. Two students from Turkey wore their  traditional folk costumes and presented a short play during their presentation.  After that we had a short  school tour and went to the Cultural Center where they were presented with a school magazine and a Monograph of the school which was issued on the occasion of 120. anniversary.  Then they attended a school day event and enjoyed a successful dance and vocal  performance by our students. This was followed by a formal lunch, while  the students were hanging out with their peers in the banquet hall. At the end of the first day, eighth grade students took guests through Lucani, walked with them and talked about everyday things. Everyone was enjoying the day.

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