Day 2, 26.11.2019.

Students and teachers from all three countries came to school around 7.15. After that, they were divided into three groups to attend the classes. They attended English classes with D. Zekavičić and S. Stančić, Mathematics with M. Milosavljevic and ICT with S. Stevanović. They had the opportunity to take part in the classes themselves, where they introduced themselves, saying  where they came from, what their hobbies were, they had the chance to hear about  and to see the computer parts, and they  participated in a discussion about sleep.

In English class the teacher S. Stancic, since the theme was Thanksgiving, gave the students the opportunity to chop and glue and make a small turkey as well as a large one whose tail was made up of their palms and then danced  together listening the song  from YouTube. Teacher O. Pantelic and her younger students had a healthy food preparation workshop in the school canteen, where the students watched the process themselves, and had the opportunity to taste sugar-free cookies, cream and ajvar sandwiches as well as salty muffins.

In the afternoon  we went to Guca where we first visited the city library. The guests were looking through books and our students were translating everything the guests were interested in. The director of the library gave them gifts while they were leaving. This visit did not go unnoticed because the news was published on the local portal  Glas Zapadne Srbije (The Voice of Western Serbia.)

We headed to the Trumpet Museum, where a guide explained all the details about this world-famous festival. D. Zekavicic translated all the details related to the festival as well as his personal impressions as he attended the festival several times. We visited  the Lapidarium where they could see the open-air museum and hear about their importance for the Dragacevo region.

We then headed to the Primary School, where we were warmly received by the Headmistress who addressed the guests with a few sentences. The students from Spain, having noticed the students who had PE in the gym on CCTV, wanted to join them, so the teacher M. Rajic took them there and they participated in the activities together. After returning to the office, they sat on the floor and chatted lightly with our students without the initial fear they had when they came on the first day.

After visiting the school, we went to see the church of Archangel Gabriel, where our colleague A. Jaćović told them something about the history of the church and handed out the gifts. Pablo from Spain asked the priest about the facts  he was interested in. This visit ended the planned activities for the second day, and the satisfied guests returned to Lucani.

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