Day 5, 29.11.2019.

Our guests had a chance to rest for a bit, as activities started a little later, around 11 am. The students went down to the school library, where they were drawing and singing. Afterwards, we all went to the multimedia classroom, where the principal gave each participant an attendent certificate, thank you notes and gifts thanking them for their successful collaboration.

After lunch in the school canteen , we returned to the multimedia classroom, where D. Zekavicic explained to the participants the next steps in using the eTwinning platform, how to  change their avatar and add new materials. As voting for the project logo was ongoing, all proposals were put on Tricider, so students went there and voted for the logo they liked best. Poland's partners were told about this yesterday as they had to leave to Belgrade early this morning.

This was followed by putting messages and items in the box we had made - The Time capsule, which we will open after 2 years, when the project is completed.

D. Zekavicic then explained to everyone how to add photos for a shared poster to the Padlet app, which was easy because teachers from Turkey and Spain were already doing it, so we successfully started creating a common album. A sentence in English was to be written below each photo.

We also talked about the next steps in the project and came to the following conclusions:

1. When they get home, we will end up choosing a logo and a poster.

2. We  agreed the date for the mobility for Turkey  and it will be in the third week of May from 17.5. to 23.5.2020.

3. S. Moreno will create a group on Facebook and send copies of contracts for schools.

4.  The Contracts will have to be signed by the principals, specifying who is doing what, what is their obligation and what happens if something goes wrong - the risks.

5. Our partners from Turkey  made their  Erasmus corner, which is a task for other schools, too, to place a notice of the project with drawings and photographs in a visible place.

6. Once the site has been created, he activities about LTT mobility will be published in English, along with the photos and video materials.

7. Materials will be organized into special folders on the eTwinning platform.

8. A Kahoot quiz is planned to be held in Turkey, the coordinators will prepare questions before leaving to Turkey.

In the evening at 8 pm a party was organized for the students, and beside our songs, Turkish and Spanish songs were played too. The teachers were having  dinner during that time. For the students from Spain and Turkey, the evening was so emotional, when they had to leave,  everyone was crying, showing us  that they had spent 7 unforgettable days in Serbia, learning about  our culture and tradition in the right way. Everyone left satisfied and thanked us for our cordiality and hospitality.

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