Day 4, 28.11.2019.

A workshop dedicated to the pottery was held on Thursday, November 28, 2019. The workshop was realized in the  class 4/2 , with teachers Snezana Solajic and Sladjana Stancic, along with the expert assistance of the fine-art artist, the sculptor, Marija Stambolic.

The workshop was attended by students and teachers from: Spain, Turkey and Poland. They gladly participated in making and decorating the clay pots, together with our students, as well as in a workshop dedicated to weaving.

As the Polish partners had to return the day before due to the early flight,  they were given certificates and gifts. They were also explained how to contribute to the creation of a shared poster on the Padlet platform, as well as how to add new project logo suggestions.

All the partners signed up the attendance lists, and each partner received a copy afterwards.

At around 1 pm, we left to visit for a remote unit in Markovica, where the children were eagerly welcomed, and  a surprise for Malena, a girl from Spain,  was prepared because it was her birthday. Our students sang the Happy birthday song and handed her a gift. Gifts were given to the  other children too. Our students themselves participated in their making. Guests were greeted with welcome signs in three languages.

They visited the classrooms, where they signed their names on to a large poster  on the wall, then they visited the gym, where they immediately wanted to play  with the ball.

We continued to  Sretenje Monastery. The nuns greeted us warmly, explaining that women had to wear an apron to enter the monastery, and that men had to stand on the right and women on the left end everyone followed those rules.  D. Zekavičić and S. Stančić successfully translated  the nun's speech about the origin of the monastery and what it was dedicated to. Afterwards, the guests were treated with coffee and sweets.

We arrived in Cacak around 15.00. A scheduled visit to the museum went smoothly, the  guests learned something new about the history of Cacak and Dragacevo, and were able to see many artifacts found nearby, ranging from coins, vessels, pottery, to weapons, sabers, gullets and guns and uniforms related to the history of Čačak region. D. Zekavicic participated in explaining to colleagues his piece from modern history, about Partisans, Chetniks, inflation and the wars of the 1990s. A visit to the Gallery of Nadezda Petrovic followed, where the curator explained the importance of Nadezda Petrovic, and her role in modern art. The current setting was from the artist Claudia Chasling called Mutopia 3, who in her own way struggled to point out to the world the dangers of using radioactive weapons and to remind people what kind of children were born and how many people died of diseases caused by depleted uranium. Serbia was mentioned as well. The guests watched the movie, designed in such a way that each picture was a separate story of the monster mutant Murphy (a true story) that depicted his struggle to survive in this world.

Afterwards, we went to the center with our guests and our students, took pictures in front of the lettered sign  Cacak , walked around and allowed our guests the time  to take a walk through the mall and buy something.

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