19.6.2022. Poland, the first day of mobility

Our team, consisting of five students and a teacher of English, Dejan Zekavicic, arrived yesterday, via Vienna, Berlin and Szczecin, in Lobez, our destination in a series of 4 mobilities in the DTS project.

We were warmly welcomed by Justina, the coordinator from Lobez, with whom we immediately agreed on activities for 19.6. The team from Turkey joined us in the morning, so we went to school together, where we were greeted by the principal Beata, as well as the teachers. They took us on foot to a nearby picnic area, where children hung out, baked sausages on the fire, played ball with friends, read all about poisonous and edible mushrooms that can be found in the nearby forest and above all met and felt the spirit of diversity which can be seen when the twelve-year-old boy Named Viktor captured all the attention while talking about the fairy tales of his country as well as the historical and geopolitical events in Poland in the eighties. On the way through the forest, the teachers spoke on various topics, so the one and a half hour walk was not at all strenuous. We look forward to tomorrow and new activities.