20.6.2022. Poland, the second day of mobility

On the second day, as agreed, my colleague Justina took us to school at 9.

There we were greeted by the principal and other colleagues, who handed out gifts to teachers and students. We saw that the school is very colorful, painted in bright colors, each classroom has an interactive whiteboard connected to the Internet and electronic books, the English classroom is equipped with headphones for individual monitoring of listening exercises. The English teacher and Justina demonstrated to us what examples of using an interactive whiteboard in English look like, with exercises in vocabulary and grammar. At the end of the year, students have a test they take, no one fails, but depending on the percentage of completion they will enroll in a better school. We visited the library, saw that there are a lot of books as well as textbooks that students use and return at the end of the year. Since it was raining, we didn't go on a tour of the city, but we had a virtual tour in the computer room, where the students from Lobez explained all about sightseeing in their town. Later, two local guides came, and Viktor again had the role of an interpreter and told us everything we needed to know about the sights of Lobez, such as the Lapidarium. After lunch, the students had a workshop where the teachers taught them how to make a clay cup, which they significantly enjoyed. The reception with the mayor was canceled due to his busy schedule.