22.6.2022. Poland, the fourth day of mobility

On the fourth day of mobility, the whole group, together with friends from Lobez and accompanied by a tourist guide, set off for Szczecin.

First we visited the old car museum. There you could see Peglicas (Maluch) of various shapes, as well as Pezejac, Wartburg, Stojadin, Tristać and motorbikes, vans and buses that were driven in the sixties and seventies. There were also several impressively restored oldtimers, dating back to before the Second World War. Then we went to the monument of great love, Anna and Boguslav, who had ten children. There is an impressive building behind, one of three castles in Poland, with an old clock on the tower, whose courtyard is used for musical performances. After the museum, we headed to the river Odra, and then to the underground museum, which during the Second World War served as a shelter from air raids. You could feel the anxious atmosphere, the humidity and the clamor that reigned as 2,500 people stayed there, with only one suitcase, surrendering to their fate. After lunch in a retro restaurant, we continued our journey to the cathedral, which captivates with its size. Then we took the elevator to the roof of the cathedral, where there is a viewpoint, from where the view speaks more than a thousand words, you could see the Odra river, the bay, three old cranes in the shape of dinosaurs, ships, old buildings, the city below us in all its beauty. After that, we went to the mall, where the kids had free time for shopping. On the way back, we stopped near the Odra, where we saw the Maritime Academy building, as well as the district center building, and three old restored cranes up close.