21.6.2022. Poland, the third day of mobility

On the third day of the mobility, our team arrived at the school around 9.20. Since there was a celebration, the children were already gathered in the yard, there were chairs for guests and parents, a loudspeaker from where the music was played, while on the other side a snack was organized for all present ones.

While watching and listening to children's performances of singing and playing the guitar (Talent show), we had the opportunity to taste something that in our country in the eighties was called "fat on bread", while this spread is similar and resembles a mixture of fat and pieces of pork similar to čvarci and very tasty, colleague Justina claims that sometimes it is tastier than many other things, then we tasted cucumbers with dill and sausages with a delicious sauce. Then the children performed Polonaise, a traditional dance in Poland, and they were joined by friends from Serbia, Turkey and Spain, so they also played in the same rhythm, following in the steps. When it was our turn to show our traditional dance, our choice was obvius, it was a kolo dance called Užice kolo, so teacher Dejan was the leader dancer, and the girls followed it. The dessert cake  arrived afterwards. Before the rain, drawing and writing began on the concrete of the school yard, and even the rain did not manage to drive the bravest to school, but they danced despite persistent drops. After that, they gave us a presentation about Lobez in the English classroom, which was an introduction to the quiz in the computer room through the online portal Quizizz, which is similar to the Kahoot portal, so the children did pretty well. After lunch, a culinary workshop started, so the children followed instructions to make the dough thinner for the so-called Dumplings, ie dough with strawberry filling, and for donuts, where they used cups as patterns. We tasted them all after they were ready, it was very tasty, so were given plenty to consume them later. The socializing continued in the afternoon, friends from school came to visit the hotel, so they had enough time to get to know each other better and make friends.