Day 3, 27.11.2019.

On the third day, the guests came to school around 10. A traditional dance  workshop was organized, by the students of our school in the school canteen  and the students of younger grades were thee too. They had the opportunity to watch and enjoy a variety of traditional folk dances just before their eyes.

After that we went to Zlakusa, an ethno village, where we visited a pottery workshop. A potter master Mr. Savic explained to children how a mixture of clay and calcite was made and how it formed a pot, which was born before their eyes on a pottery wheel. The master asked the children if they wanted to try to make something, and they gladly accepted, especially the children from Spain who did not hesitate to get their hands dirty. As a gift, they received a bowl they made with the help of the master.

We continued our drive to Drvengrad, where we visited the settlement, talking about the Kreman Prophecy and the Sargan Eight, the oldest tourist railway. We were sorry we could not have a ride because after November 11 the train was not going. After purchasing a souvenir and taking photos, we watched together an Emir Kusturica's short film "The Blonde Gypsy." We recommended that they should watch other Kusturica films, especially "Dom za vesanje." After lunch where they tasted traditional Serbian food, we returned to Lucani.

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